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License Questions

Using a piece of music without permission from an artist or their publisher is illegal and can result in criminal prosecution which is not only scary but also very expensive considering legal fees and fines.

Even if you have paid for a song on iTunes, or have found a track on a CD which you'd like to use, you are not permitted to use the music in any other capacity than just listening to it.

A music license with TMT grants you permission to use music in your film project - hassle-free & worry-free! You are authorized to copy the music into your editing system and synchronize it within your production. Licensing music of this nature is also called 'synch licensing'.

At Total Media Tracks, our music is all pre-cleared so, once purchased, you can synchronize the music within your own film projects and rest assured that you are legally covered to do so :)

It's super simple!

Firstly, you will need to create an account so that you can access your downloads. (Either use the login icon at the top right corner of your screen or wait until prompted during your shopping experience).

When you find a track which you like, click the green shopping cart icon then click LICENSE THIS TRACK.

Yes you can. It can be found at the following link:

  • Music License Agreement
  • If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact us - we are always here to help :)

    Yes you can. The beauty about licensing music from Total Media Tracks is that whatever the type or scale of your project, our license will cover you, from personal and wedding videos to major brand TV advertisements and motion pictures.

    No. Licenses are single site, single user only so sharing is not permitted.

    You can use our music for any media project where other production elements are involved – moving imagery, voice overs, on-hold, etc. However, the music cannot be used as a stand alone format, for example CD.

    You are only permitted to edit the length of the music to fit your project. You cannot make any adjustments to the composition for example, add lyrics or other instruments, change the melody, tempo, harmony or key.

    You are not permitted to transfer your license to any person or business. If you transfer your video work to another person or business, which includes our music, they must re-license the music under their name.

    Yes. Whatever country you live in, our license is valid. All of our composers and artists have pre-cleared their music for worldwide use

    General Questions

    Royalty free means different things depending on who you talk to and which sites you visit. The term has become somewhat of a misnomer. In a nutshell, our music can be used for any type of project, commercial or non-commercial. No further fees are required once the license is purchased.

    You can use our music in any film or other media project which involved imagery and/or voice-overs. These include podcasts, talking books, webinars, theatrical productions, live events and more. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Yes you can. Whether for personal or commercial use, all of our music is social media friendly!

    Yes. If there is a track you would like to demo, just click the shopping cart icon. The track details will open up then you can click ‘download demo’button. These tracks are embedded with an audio watermark which is removed when you license the music.

    No. There are no additional costs to you once you.

    A cue is a document which details music usage in audio visual productions which is either broadcast on television or performed in movie theaters. Cue sheets are necessary as our composers and publishers are entitled to collect royalties from broadcast companies. You do not pay these fees. The broadcast company pays the performance rights organizations who in turn pay composers/publishers. Cue sheets must be completed and filed if your project is broadcast.

    The music can be used for ANY film or media project which includes other production elements such as visual imagery and voice overs.

    The only restrictions are that the music cannot be used on its own (without other production elements) nor can it be used in anything which is defamatory or pornographic in nature.

    Wherever possible support the artist! Please add a credit to your project ‘Track Title’ by ‘Artist’ provided by Total Media Tracks.

    The artist/composer is the sole owner of the music. They have given permission to TMT to license their music on their behalf. When you purchase music on our site you are purchasing a synchronization license, not the actual rights to the song.

    We update our site weekly and add plenty of new tracks every month keeping our catalog relevant and fresh.

    The reason you might have a copyright claim is that YouTube’s content ID system has matched elements of your video with copyright protected material (belonging to someone else). YouTube cannot determine whether a license has been granted to use the music or not, therefore an automated notification is sent to you.

    To remove the notice you will have to dispute it by going to the copyright notices section in your Video Manager. Here, you will find information about the ‘copyrighted’ material found on your video and who is claiming ownership.

    Often, misidentification (particularly common with classical music) can be the cause or a composer on our roster may have chosen to monetize the video by running ads against it. We do not permit any of our composers to be involved in this practice but if an irregularity occurs, we will ensure that the composer clears the notice as quickly as possible.

    When you dispute the claim, please make sure to include the proof of purchase issued by Total Media Tracks at the time your music file was purchased.

    Disputes can take up to 30 days to resolve. Unfortunately, we are unable to intervene but assure you that your license is valid and that we will assist in any way we can.

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