Cue Sheet Information

What is a cue sheet?

A cue sheet is a document which details music usage in audio visual productions which are either broadcast on television or performed in movie theatres.

Any music, be it a background cue, instrumental theme music or song, is listed along with the writer and publisher’s names and shares plus general information on the production.

Do I need to file a cue sheet?

You are required to file a cue sheet if the music you purchased is used in a TV program or series, TV commercial or feature film.

This is in compliance with your Music License Agreement.

How does it work?

Once a cue sheet has been completed it must be submitted to the performance rights organization (PRO) of the country in which the production was created. That performance rights organization then communicates with the PRO of the composer and publisher which, in turn, distributes any royalties earned. Broadcast companies pay an annual licensing fee to performance rights organizations and it is from these fees that composers and artists collect their royalties. Royalties are collected on works performed, both domestically and internationally, in broadcast, satellite and cable radio and TV shows and theatres.

Do I have to pay royalties?

You do not pay any royalties. This is the responsibility of the broadcaster. There is no cost associated with filing a cue sheet.

What information is needed?

In terms of music information, you will need the track title, duration, writer’s name and share (%) plus the publisher’s name and share (%). This information is all available in your download’s area. Go to My Orders, choose View Order and you will see the Cue Sheet Information display button beside the product description. If for any reason the information is not where it should be, please contact us by email and we will assist.

In some cases, a composer may not belong to a PRO. In this instance you should still input the publisher’s information and file the cue sheet, regardless.

How do I file?

The broadcaster should supply you with a cue sheet. If not, you can download a cue sheet here.
The form is available as a pdf file. Download Adobe Reader if you are unable to read the file.

The cue sheet must be emailed, mailed or faxed to the PRO of the country in which you are broadcasting. You are also required to send a copy of your completed form to This is for our records and enables us to monitor royalty payments more efficiently.
Thank you, in advance.

Below is a comprehensive list containing the names and web addresses of all the Performance Rights Associations around the world:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
Trinidad & Tobago
United Kingdom

Need help with filling in the form? Here is a step by step guide.

Production Information

  • Series/Film Name: As denoted in any type of credit
  • Series/Film AKA: Any abbreviation or anonym used
  • Episode Title: Name of the specific episode in which the music is being used.
  • Production Number: The number allocated to your program.
  • Name, full mailing address and telephone number of you or your production company.
  • Broadcaster: Name of the broadcast station or network in full. No abbreviations.
  • Show Duration: Full length of the program in minutes and seconds.
  • Total Music Length: How many minutes and seconds the music is played for.
  • Signature: Please sign using your full legal name.

Music Information
– for track title, writer, publisher, PRO and shares, please visit your download’s area for details.

  • Cue #: Number given to the music cue.
  • Type: Choose from the list of music types and input the relevant abbreviation.
  • Timing: How many minutes and seconds the music runs for. Example 02:34 (2 minutes and 34 seconds).
  • Track Title: The name of the track being used. Some tracks may contain the suffix – TMT.
  • Writer: The composer or song writer’s name(s).
  • PRO #: This is the performance rights organization abbreviation and number. If you are unable to find this information in your download’s area the composer may not belong to a PRO and can be left blank, in such cases.
  • Share %: Generally, the writer will be 100% unless the piece is co-written.
  • Publisher: Each track has an associated publisher. In some cases there may be more than one. Please check carefully.
  • PRO #: The performance rights organization of the publisher(s).
  • Share %: This is the publisher’s share. In some cases there may be more than one publisher with different share percentages. Please check carefully.


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