Stacey didn’t always know what her calling in life was going to be, but one common vision remained the same. The sounds of music and the personal vulnerability that came along with it, followed her every step down life’s walk. After studying music at Millikin University, the pieces began to fall in place and Stacey’s musical career took her on travels to Italy, China, and throughout the USA, only to find herself settling down in Music City (Nashville, TN). Her music has received great reviews from American Songwriter, Indie Music Reviewer and Music News Nashville which is understandable given her incredible range and musicianship. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful ballad, such as Open Roads, folksy warmth, like Hometown, or cinematic pop, like Abducted, Stacey’s catalog will not fail to enchant and inspire.

Tracks by Stacey Randol

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