Ilya Truhanov started in 1996 year when he and another guitarist Ilya Kukalo created "Acoustic Band" duet. In the beginning they played in Moscow clubs and a bit later they toured in Russia and some post-USSR countries. In 2000 year “Acoustic Band” won grand-prix at Russian contest “Guitar - 2000”. A lot of Russian magazines and publications rapturously responded on their music (such as: “Music Box”, “In/Out”, “Guitarist”, etc). In 2002 the duet won first place at “Many-Faced Guitar” contest in “fusion” nomination. The same year they released the first album “Pieces for the two guitars” (all the music was composed by Ilya). After it they were invited to take part in the “Best Guitarists of Russia” fest, and even Al Dimeola, who was playing shows in Moscow that time, has highly estimated their playing.

Tracks by Ilya Truhanov

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