DANAE's electro-pop goodness transcends the pop genre with varied production styles and nuanced meaning-filled lyrics. After developing a dedicated following for her past acoustic projects, DANAE’s debut EP “Direction” releases June 10, 2016 and tells her journey into a new musical adventure. DANAE’s own voice and writing have been shaped by her time spent living in Russia, Austin, and the Washington, DC area. After moving to Nashville in 2013, she collaborated with music producer Sarin Kuruvilla to cultivate the trending pop singer/ songwriter genre in Music City. From there, DANAE was able to connect with Los Angeles­based producer Phil Danyew who has toured with Foster the People, as well as Secret Road producer AG. Platinum songwriter J​esiah Dzwonek­­writer of Echosmith’s hit “Cool Kids”­­also came to Nashville to write with DANAE and Kuruvilla. A​fter collaborating with this diverse range of collaborators, DANAE launched in her new direction, bringing innovative, truthful and exciting music to her fans.

Tracks by DANAE

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