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High Quality Royalty Free Music Stock Music Licensing for Video, Film, Vimeo, YouTube & Advertising

So . . .who are we?

Total Media Tracks is an independent, boutique, music licensing agency. We are passionate about two things – Music and Film. Our dedicated staff has decades of collective experience in the music industry and our purpose, through this website, is to connect filmmakers with incredible composers and artists from around the world.

And what do we do?

In short, we provide filmmakers, editors, advertising and marketing agencies & all other creatives with high quality, affordable music to use in their media productions. We license music for all projects, both commercial and non-commercial. We have an incredible, ever-expanding catalog of music by some of the world’s best independent composers and artists and we add new tracks every week. All of our music is all pre-cleared and ready to go.

Why choose Total Media Tracks?

    • Totally Affordable - We won’t break the bank.

      All of our tracks cost $29.00. You can use the music for non-commercial AND commercial projects. There is no surcharge depending on usage!

    • Totally Creative - Diverse and ever-expanding catalog.

      We continually scour the planet looking for artists and composers whose music is cinematic and relevant. No single film is the same and musical tastes differ so we strive to provide filmmakers with diversity and excellence.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. If we’re missing a musical style (or artist) which you would like, we’ll find it (or them) for you. Consider us your personal music supervisors!

    • Totally Knowledgeable - Customer Service like no other.

      Need help finding a track? Confused about licensing? We are here to help and you can contact us anytime. Whatever your question or concern, we’ll make sure your needs are met.

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