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Total Media Tracks

Unlimited music licensing for filmmakers

Music Licensing

For ALL projects and budgets

Put simply, Total Media Tracks provides affordable music licensing for all!
Why should great music be limited to studios with big budgets and deep pockets?
You’re right and we agree – it shouldn’t! Total Media Tracks is all about providing the highest quality, best curated music, from the world’s finest independent artists and composers,
at a price EVERYONE can afford.

  • Looking for music for your film that won’t break the bank? 
    We offer single tracks for $29 or you can buy an annual subscription with UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS for only $145.00/yr or monthly for just $15/Month!!
  • Fed up with convoluted licensing options and too many questions?
    We don’t need to know many people are in your company - our pricing is fixed! We are clear about what the music can and can't be used for - no need to complete a custom license form unless absolutely necessary. We appreciate that time saving is key in the film making business.
  • Need support but can’t get straight answers?
    Our team has been in the music licensing business for over 2 decades. We love film, we know our catalog, we understand licensing and we know how to help. Put us to the test! We would love to hear from you.

Our services enable filmmakers, creatives & advertising agencies to tell a better story and not break the bank in the process. It’s time to leave convoluted and complex music licensing behind
....welcome to Total Media Tracks.

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